Saturday, October 25, 2008

And Now It's Saturday.

I am sitting here, waiting for one of my eBay items to be sold. Less than 46 minutes, last time I checked (which was a few seconds ago)! I've become an eBay fool, I tell you, selling something every week to put a little extra cash in our checking account and to make me feel better about the fact that we're well, poor. I never buy anything on eBay, because that wouldn't make a lot of sense for us these days. No, I just sell stuff that I pray will go for a lot of money (they never do: most I've made is $27, on a Star Wars Storm Trooper action figure still in its box). Oh, well; one of these days I'll make The Really Big Sell and you'll all got to see a pic of me dancing around in my Hanes Her Way or something.

And while we're on the subject of $$$, I somehow stumbled across this site last weekend and have made a whopping $6! since, which goes straight to my paypal account and then into my bank account. Try it, it's easy, costs nothing but a little of your time, and you get a dollar when you qualify for a particular survey.
DollarSurveys - The easiest way to earn a buck. No commitments, no gimmicks. Just take a survey and get a dollar.

The kids are in their respective corners of the house: one is watching High School Musical 2 (I won't say which one, but my husband would flip if he saw which one was gyrating around to "Fabulous") and the other is ...gosh, I don't know what the other one is doing (never a good thing)! Well, at least I always know where the dogs are (wherever I happen to be). I remember the days when the kids were toddlers and practically velcroed to my butt and in a way it was nice (in a weird sort of way). Almost makes me want another baby.


Tomorrow Em and I are going with my sister and maybe one or two of her spawn to Linvilla Orchards, what has become a yearly tradition with us (since 2005). We go on a hay ride, buy pies and/or pumpkins, eat greasy stuff and just enjoy the fall goodness. It's so much fun! And it gets my pale butt outside--you know, in the sunlight and fresh air (something my skin doesn't get a glimpse of very often). The only drawback? Having to drive into West Chester to go, a place I try to avoid like the flu because it is a 45 minute drive from where I'm living and yes, I'm a Gas Nazi all the way, baby! But my sister is worth it. I don't get to see her or my nephews or niece very often and so when opportunities come along to spend some sisterly time together, I jump on them (like Chris Farley falling through a coffee table).

Well, I'm off to check eBay again...have a good weekend, why don't you, and I'll "see" you when the spirit moves me again...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Madness

Warm spaghetti is good. Especially when you're so dang cold your hands are going numb. What the hell happened to my house? All I know is I woke up this morning and there was a polar bear sitting in my living room. It is cooooooooold. And I am a big baby when it comes to temperatures less than fifty degrees.

My kids, however, must be more southern-blooded than I realized because one is prancing around the house in a skirt (the girl, don't worry) and bare legs and the other thinks the temperature in here is just swell. Well, it should be, since I put the heat on! Had to. I know, I know. It's only October and there are months of cold to come. But when your skin begins to take on a blue pallor and you find yourself boiling water on the stove just to warm your hands, then it's time for drastic measures like turning on the (overly expenisve, oil-filled) furnace.

Moving on...

Scored an Amazing leather desk chair today for FREE. Went walking on my lunch break in the neighborhood around the library and it being trash day meant that all of the wealthy folks who reside there were disposing of a lot of cool stuff (yes, I am a trash picker, and proud of it, darnit). And there, on the curb, in perfectly good condition, sat my chair. And you know, I've been needing something to down down with my arse as I do "productive" stuff on the computer in my free time. This is perfect and it totally made a Monday that started out hectic (ha, who am I kidding; every day around here starts out hectic!) sweet.

And now it seems that my 9 month old lab is in heat. Oh my...poor Tigger, who was fixed just two months ago! I think she honestly scared him, as he ran under the bed after she started, er, "putting the moves on him" (and in front of the kids, no less...the hussy).

Never a dull moment around here, that's for sure.

Monday, October 13, 2008


So my dog's feet smell like corn chips. Not an entirely bad thing, per se, because I really like corn chips (especially the Fritos scoops--have you tried those? You should. Definitely go get some and some of that Lipton Soup onion dip mix.). Where was I? Oh, my dog. She's a bit on the hyper side but she's definitely calmed down a lot since we brought her home in August. She and Tiggy are the best of friends which is nice because at first he was scared poopless by her. But hey, if you were only two feet long and weighed all of 15 lbs., wouldn't a 40 pound crazy black lab freak you out a bit?!

This weather has been so scarily nice that I'm really starting to wonder if we're going to have the big bad winter everyone's expecting. I don't mind the snow, it's the ice I fear. There is nothing quite like landing on your big ass in the driveway while trying to get into your car. Well, there's that and the whole act of driving on the ice. Many people (my husband, for one) would argue that I can barely drive in perfect weather conditions, so you can see where I'm going here.

I need to start shopping for Christmas. I know I say that every year about this time and always end up waiting until after Black Friday, but this year I really just want to get all of the shopping and wrapping crap long out of the way so I can, dare I say it? enjoy the season. I always end up feeling rushed and frazzled and big crowds in stores just piss me off. That's why I want to do a lot of my shopping this year online. I've found a bunch of really cool sites for my family, too, which really helps.

Listen to me: already planning gifts and it's only mid October! We haven't even celebrated Halloween (which I have no idea how we're spending. Thinking maybe just taking the kids around the neighborhood or doing the Malloween thing like last year). As far as costumes go, Davey wants me and him to go as Mario and Luigi and Em wants to be Hannah Montana (like, um, last year). I love Halloween, especially the "fun size" chocolate bars and all of the scary movies that are on that night.
Chocolate and being scared poopless. What could be better? Unless of course, you're Tiggy.