Monday, October 13, 2008


So my dog's feet smell like corn chips. Not an entirely bad thing, per se, because I really like corn chips (especially the Fritos scoops--have you tried those? You should. Definitely go get some and some of that Lipton Soup onion dip mix.). Where was I? Oh, my dog. She's a bit on the hyper side but she's definitely calmed down a lot since we brought her home in August. She and Tiggy are the best of friends which is nice because at first he was scared poopless by her. But hey, if you were only two feet long and weighed all of 15 lbs., wouldn't a 40 pound crazy black lab freak you out a bit?!

This weather has been so scarily nice that I'm really starting to wonder if we're going to have the big bad winter everyone's expecting. I don't mind the snow, it's the ice I fear. There is nothing quite like landing on your big ass in the driveway while trying to get into your car. Well, there's that and the whole act of driving on the ice. Many people (my husband, for one) would argue that I can barely drive in perfect weather conditions, so you can see where I'm going here.

I need to start shopping for Christmas. I know I say that every year about this time and always end up waiting until after Black Friday, but this year I really just want to get all of the shopping and wrapping crap long out of the way so I can, dare I say it? enjoy the season. I always end up feeling rushed and frazzled and big crowds in stores just piss me off. That's why I want to do a lot of my shopping this year online. I've found a bunch of really cool sites for my family, too, which really helps.

Listen to me: already planning gifts and it's only mid October! We haven't even celebrated Halloween (which I have no idea how we're spending. Thinking maybe just taking the kids around the neighborhood or doing the Malloween thing like last year). As far as costumes go, Davey wants me and him to go as Mario and Luigi and Em wants to be Hannah Montana (like, um, last year). I love Halloween, especially the "fun size" chocolate bars and all of the scary movies that are on that night.
Chocolate and being scared poopless. What could be better? Unless of course, you're Tiggy.


Amy said...

my dogs' feet smell like corn chips, too! Only the Golden though. The other two don't have weird smelling feet.

(I can't believe I went and smelled all of their feet.)

Martha said...

Hold on here - you never did explain why your dog's feet smell like corn chips! ;-)