Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Madness

Warm spaghetti is good. Especially when you're so dang cold your hands are going numb. What the hell happened to my house? All I know is I woke up this morning and there was a polar bear sitting in my living room. It is cooooooooold. And I am a big baby when it comes to temperatures less than fifty degrees.

My kids, however, must be more southern-blooded than I realized because one is prancing around the house in a skirt (the girl, don't worry) and bare legs and the other thinks the temperature in here is just swell. Well, it should be, since I put the heat on! Had to. I know, I know. It's only October and there are months of cold to come. But when your skin begins to take on a blue pallor and you find yourself boiling water on the stove just to warm your hands, then it's time for drastic measures like turning on the (overly expenisve, oil-filled) furnace.

Moving on...

Scored an Amazing leather desk chair today for FREE. Went walking on my lunch break in the neighborhood around the library and it being trash day meant that all of the wealthy folks who reside there were disposing of a lot of cool stuff (yes, I am a trash picker, and proud of it, darnit). And there, on the curb, in perfectly good condition, sat my chair. And you know, I've been needing something to down down with my arse as I do "productive" stuff on the computer in my free time. This is perfect and it totally made a Monday that started out hectic (ha, who am I kidding; every day around here starts out hectic!) sweet.

And now it seems that my 9 month old lab is in heat. Oh my...poor Tigger, who was fixed just two months ago! I think she honestly scared him, as he ran under the bed after she started, er, "putting the moves on him" (and in front of the kids, no less...the hussy).

Never a dull moment around here, that's for sure.


Amy said...

I'll trade you weather. I'm freaking tired of this stupid heat.

Starlight said...

we're having the same weather here. Sucks. We had to cut the heat on too! Poor Tiggy, Chai should be ashamed of herself!

Martha said...

I'm in Florida where it's never to o hot or too cold - ok, so I'm lying, but it's been perfect lately. Stay warm! :-)