Saturday, November 8, 2008

Babies No More

How did my babies get so old?

That is the question of the day, maybe even the year. Actually, a better question would be: how did they get so old and I seem to have stayed the same age? Well, inside I haven't. I'm still that young, clueless mother who barely knew how to put a diaper on her newborn daughter. Ten years have passed and the problems aren't so simple to figure out. Used to be getting my daughter on the toilet in time was the biggest challenge of the day. Now it's getting her out of bed in the morning, quickly followed by curbing her monstrous-sized mouth.

Which brings me to last night and the "lovely" time I had explaining to her why she couldn't sleep over her friend's house in Norristown. For those not familiar with this town, let's just say it's not the safest place to live/be. That and it's about 45 minutes from our house.

"But Mom," she kept protesting; "Tiana spends every weekend with her grandparents and if I can't sleep over there then I'll never be able to have a sleepover with her!"

So what did I do? I called Dave at work and told him the situation after explaining my reasons for saying no until my tongue practically went numb. She never takes no for an answer with me and lately seems to turn everything into a fight. Well, he immediately said no way (I knew he would; we're usually on the same page when it comes to our parenting) and explained why to her. He said the same exact things I said to her, but for some reason she took it better coming from him. Go figure.

I am so not right for this Mom gig. *sigh*


Amy said...

Same here. Dad's word is The Almighty. Although they ARE scared of my 'look'. At least i have something....LOL

Martha said...

Sounds so familiar! I don't get it either, but as long as someone has that power and we know it - just start saying "fine with me, but you have to ask your dad first." I love being the nice one and making my husband the bad guy! LOL!