Saturday, October 25, 2008

And Now It's Saturday.

I am sitting here, waiting for one of my eBay items to be sold. Less than 46 minutes, last time I checked (which was a few seconds ago)! I've become an eBay fool, I tell you, selling something every week to put a little extra cash in our checking account and to make me feel better about the fact that we're well, poor. I never buy anything on eBay, because that wouldn't make a lot of sense for us these days. No, I just sell stuff that I pray will go for a lot of money (they never do: most I've made is $27, on a Star Wars Storm Trooper action figure still in its box). Oh, well; one of these days I'll make The Really Big Sell and you'll all got to see a pic of me dancing around in my Hanes Her Way or something.

And while we're on the subject of $$$, I somehow stumbled across this site last weekend and have made a whopping $6! since, which goes straight to my paypal account and then into my bank account. Try it, it's easy, costs nothing but a little of your time, and you get a dollar when you qualify for a particular survey.
DollarSurveys - The easiest way to earn a buck. No commitments, no gimmicks. Just take a survey and get a dollar.

The kids are in their respective corners of the house: one is watching High School Musical 2 (I won't say which one, but my husband would flip if he saw which one was gyrating around to "Fabulous") and the other is ...gosh, I don't know what the other one is doing (never a good thing)! Well, at least I always know where the dogs are (wherever I happen to be). I remember the days when the kids were toddlers and practically velcroed to my butt and in a way it was nice (in a weird sort of way). Almost makes me want another baby.


Tomorrow Em and I are going with my sister and maybe one or two of her spawn to Linvilla Orchards, what has become a yearly tradition with us (since 2005). We go on a hay ride, buy pies and/or pumpkins, eat greasy stuff and just enjoy the fall goodness. It's so much fun! And it gets my pale butt outside--you know, in the sunlight and fresh air (something my skin doesn't get a glimpse of very often). The only drawback? Having to drive into West Chester to go, a place I try to avoid like the flu because it is a 45 minute drive from where I'm living and yes, I'm a Gas Nazi all the way, baby! But my sister is worth it. I don't get to see her or my nephews or niece very often and so when opportunities come along to spend some sisterly time together, I jump on them (like Chris Farley falling through a coffee table).

Well, I'm off to check eBay again...have a good weekend, why don't you, and I'll "see" you when the spirit moves me again...

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Starlight said...

hope that your ebay stuff sold! I have though about putting some of our stuff on there to sell, but honestly, I'm just too lazy!! :)